Tadd has 14 years of experience in design and planning within the arid regions of the American Southwest, North Africa and the Middle East. His design experience ranges from large scale, community-wide landscape design, through mid-scale commercial centres, resorts and housing projects, to small-scale intimate residential and commercial courtyard design.  Tadd’s planning work has encompassed large scale residential and commercial centres to smaller scale, focused urban redevelopment projects.

He has a particular interest in desert ecology and seeks to integrate it into projects with a focus on protecting and restoring the natural environment and sustainability. His design and planning work takes cues, precedents and inspiration from natural ecosystems.


Tadd completed an associate’s degree in art (1993) before entering the field of environmental design. He graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture (1996). After a couple of years of working in the industry, he went on to complete a Master of Environmental Planning, specialising in Landscape Ecological Planning, from Arizona State University (2001). He returned to university to complete a Master of Science in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley (2005).


Registered Landscape Architect in California