Irrigation Design


LSC offers irrigation design and water management consulting solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, sports field and public area projects

We develop resourceful and cost-effective irrigation designs that meet the proper watering requirements. Our irrigation plan preparation includes: details and specifications, on-site observation of the installation when requested to ensure that design intent is fulfilled, and discussion with the end user regarding system use, particularly as it relates to scheduling and maintenance concerns. For maximum efficiency and longevity, we calculate all variables from your site, including plant water requirements, soil types, hardscape features, and more.

In the early stages of irrigation project planning and development, LSC Irrigation Design and Consulting can be a valuable asset for information. We can help your company in various areas including:

  • Providing review of possible water source locations
  • Determining pump station requirements
  • Establishing sleeve locations and sizes in advance of system design
  • Evaluating existing systems to determine efficiency
  • Appraising operational capabilities
  • Determining requirements for changes in water sources or upgrades in control systems

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