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Construction Supervision

LSC offers on-site supervision of the contractor during construction. The construction contract will always be directly between the client and the contractor, but as contract manager we will be able to ensure that the designs are implemented in accordance with the design intent and the specifications. We will also assist with items such as the agreement for stage payments and with the identification and assessments of cost variations

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Environmental Planning

LSC offers planning and design services surrounding ecologically sensitive landscapes. We work with environmental scientists and engineers to provide our clients with the highest quality products that are ecologically responsible in response to the growing need for sustainability.

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Horticultural Consulting

LSC provides a professional turf and landscape maintenance consultancy service to ensure the growth and establishment of landscape projects and protection of the client’s investment in the project.

We offer technical assistance, recommendations and assistance with the implementation of maintenance strategies designed to meet pre-determined standards in the most efficient and cost effective manner. This is achieved through developing a complete understanding of management strategies, budgetary requirements, agronomic and horticultural techniques and knowledge, and then shaping them to meet client requirements.

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Irrigation Design

LSC offers irrigation design and water management consulting solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, sports field and public area projects

We develop resourceful and cost-effective irrigation designs that meet the proper watering requirements. Our irrigation plan preparation includes: details and specifications, on-site observation of the installation when requested to ensure that design intent is fulfilled, and discussion with the end user regarding system use, particularly as it relates to scheduling and maintenance concerns. For maximum efficiency and longevity, we calculate all variables from your site, including plant water requirements, soil types, hardscape features, and more.

In the early stages of irrigation project planning and development, LSC Irrigation Design and Consulting can be a valuable asset for information. We can help your company in various areas including:

  • Providing review of possible water source locations
  • Determining pump station requirements
  • Establishing sleeve locations and sizes in advance of system design
  • Evaluating existing systems to determine efficiency
  • Appraising operational capabilities
  • Determining requirements for changes in water sources or upgrades in control systems
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Landscape Design

LSC has a proven record of producing visionary, yet practical landscape design solutions. We take great care to respond to the site, particularly to the cultural and physical context in order to provide a fitting and appropriate landscape design.

LSC provides all aspects of landscape design services for projects of any size including design concepts, design development, working drawings including construction details, hard landscaping, planting plans and schematic lighting layouts, specifications, and final design reports.

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Landscape Master Planning & Preliminary Design Services

LSC provides Master Planning services for community and commercial development projects. We have experience in collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams for planning and design projects. We understand what is required to be a constructive partner in the planning process, regardless of who is running the project.

We strive to create a master plan that responds to the client’s needs in a creative and cost effective way. This will ultimately assist and guide the long term physical development and success of the project

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Project Management & Management Guidelines

Once all the required design documentation is complete, we will draw up a short list of potential contractors, recommending a selected few whose workmanship and professionalism is known to be of the best quality. The complete set of design documents will be sent out to these recommended contractors, who will be invited to submit their prices. We will then assist with the final selection of the contractor who will perform the construction work.

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Value Engineering

With our experience in the Middle East, we can evaluate designs and specifications to identify and select the best value alternatives which still meet the specifications.